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How to become Instagram Famous

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Instagram another kind of social media like Facebook and twitter. But Instagram is just a photo and video sharing where other people can followed you and add you as instagrams friend which is they can comment and like your photo or video. Unlike Facebook and Twitter you post without picture or video that sometimes it’s so boring to view because only words are written there. While in instagram you and your friend can make a story based on the photo or video you shared in instagram because of their comment. They can also share it too with their friend that’s not on your friends list. Because of this, sometimes we become the topic of our friends. That makes us become popular and interest by others.


How to become instagram famous

How to become instagram famous

Now here some tips on How to get instagram famous.

First we have to add many friends and friends of friend, relatives, acquaintance, and other people we known by names. Go comment on their photo or video they share if their Instagram profiles published. And you just view private Instagram profile of them if they set it private. Make them notice you by your good compliment. By then they will response on you and they will become your constant follower.

Share photo or video which is funny and not scripted, this is our chance how to get instagram famous. Make sure that you put caption on you photo or video. Put on some tricks on your caption. Make sure that you shared something interesting to view. Many of your friend are interested especially when they know you every day has new update in your Instagram.

Capture all angles of your face, for sure many of your friend will comment on your photo. Some of it are positive comment, some are negative. It’s very easy to do on how to get instagram famous.

Sometimes we do nasty comment on someone’s photo or video that’s makes other throw back nasty comment on us too.

Sometimes we make friends and sometimes we make enemy out of our comment. That’s why be careful when posting comment not to offend others feeling, Many of us thinking how we become famous just like celebrity even in social media like Instagram.

We have to share photo or video almost every day with caption. Make photo that is cute and funny. That many of your Instagrams friend will it and comment on it. Some of it are stolen shot that is perfect for posting in Instagram.

Share video of your pet because most of the time it is very funny because our pet do what makes you notice them. They makes movement that’s make us laugh to death. For sure many of your Instagram friends will comment and like it.

Pose like celebrity in a photo in gown, swim wear, or even in costume that famous celebrity wore in a movie. It’s easy how to become instagram famous with this kind of photo you share on your Intagram account. Or if we are already piss of selfie photo, try some capturing a stolen shot on the street such as busy people, vendors, and street children, lovers passing by, beggar and passengers on bus. So many subject we can capture on the street.

In other way on how to become instagram famous is if you have a business you can post your product in your instagram account by your costumers will gladly because they can see it already before they will go to your store or place where is your products displayed. And it’s more practical with the person who has an Instagram account because its free advertising and tax free.

Connected with others put on hashtag in every post you share so that when other click that hashtag they might saw your post. It became more on productive to you.

And one more thing making become instagram famous is sharing your photo or video of special events in your life such as wedding, birthdays, anniversary, or any special occasion you’ve celebrating. This is the way where your friends and relatives from a distant can connect and update you in every special occasion. They will surely be glad that even they in apart from and still get in touch with you thru Instagram.

You can also connect your Instagram account to Facebook and Twitter so that your friends from those social media can see your post and comment even if you didn’t log in Facebook or Twitter. This may be your way to invite them to create an Instagram too. For easy and much better photo and video sharing. It will also develop your skills in photography and editing audio effects. You may find an instant job just by sharing photo and video, because many of your followers will ask you if can do them photo shoot. But become Instagram famous will not be in just one day just because you keep updating your Instagram every day. Make sure your Instagram layout frame are attractive as well as the content of your instagram. And also you can make and post your own music video and slideshow of your photo for more exciting in viewing for your followers and Instagram friends. You are not only share your special moment but also making other people inspired by your post. And avoid nasty comment or photo and video that may offend your followers and Instagram friend. That will surely black or report you to administrator of this site.

Be unique, try new trend of photo, video or something like short film with interesting subject. Capture the moment which is makes you happy every time you view your Instagram profile. Like you have talking to someone special, that turns your face in the picture with a very sweet smile. Make sure it is not too much flirty, to avoid bullying on your photo comment and put it on hashtag.